Saturday, 26 April 2008

27 April 2008 - I turn 33 today

-and believe it or not; I got sorted 10 out of 11 posts from the last blog. Only the stoneware-clay I didnt get. Got the terracotta tho, and no payed phonebill, as I am wainting for my student loan. Got the Andy Warhol essay started. Intro + 5 little subtitled questionaries. Hard work next week, as its due the 5th of May, my mums birthday! Happy Birthday Mum!

Good news; I think I might have come up with a "creative solution" on how to bring ceramics & drawing together. Fun fun fun!

Look at this;

This means piercing the clay (instead of
the paper obviously) -which, as far as I
can see, can have any shape, but
preferrably must be a bit on the thin
side, to let the light shine through,
or the imagery will dissapear, yeah? !
If this look a a bit dull, I cant blame you, but the whole idea developed from this; (not so dull)

And even less dull, from this type of little schetches like the one here;

I am unsure about how to treat the surface of the clay if I pursue any other surface than the clay itself, but rock-glazes could be an interresting thing. It would leave a typically landscape-looking surface, on typically landscape materials; tho the subjectmatter is citylife; something I cannot come to terms with within myself; The harmony between Human Made & Nature. I find it MOST amazing how Nature these days are mapped by roads! One cannot, as an animal or human, ever break FREE, cos we are all withing a certain distance of a road, of a shell-station or a 7-11. Which sucks! Not that I'd like to be far away from cokes & chocholate-cakes on the go, or PIES like they all eat here in New Zealand, but the fact that we "messed up" the earth so severely for the other species is definitely worth a secon thought! Doesnt it make you sick thinking that all the 200.000 albatrosses alive have some sort of plastic in them? Those one-time lighters look like fish-sized yumyums, and parents feed their little birdies Bic Plastic Lighters! Go get a Zippo, for Christ sake!

As usual; I am back to my main theme; Environmental Protection! Who would have thought!

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