Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Another annoying evening with my ex-partner

This is another great hint from my drawing teacher, AND I am thinking tonight; It DOES NOT MATTER WHAT I DO, AS LONG AS I ENJOY IT. Period. AND OFF COURSE DO NOT HURT OTHERS!!!! There is no right, there is no wrong, only different things we like or not... And a lot of rubbish to say about it afterwards! Hahahaha, I just HAD to put that in, as I've done a reading group with Jim Cooper today, and he speaks extreemly freely about "do's & don't's"

ACTUALLY, that will be the name of an exhibition; maybe even a theme I should follow up.... Cos everybody do we have these ideas that keep us captured within limits we do not like to look at and aknowledge.

I like to think I am born in the year of the cat, rather than rabbit. I like cats, they look after them selves, and are usually kind and have humour, unless someone stuffed them around too much. Maybe cats can be my next project? Drawing them? I will consider that!!!! The movements & the .. hahaha, ZEN of a cat (that laughter was for you Michael M!!! ) is so facinating. To quote my daughter; blablabla *


WONDERFOOL, Michael!! I just LOVE IT! Tanx for the tip!!

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