Sunday, 31 August 2008

And Off Course my Long Loved Song Dong

SONG DongBorn 1966 Beijing

Water Seal (detail), 1996

Many of Song Dong's artworks employ water as an ephemeral, transient material. Water Seal records a performance in the Lhasa River in Tibet. Standing in the river for an hour, Song Dong repeatedly stamped its moving surface with a seal bearing the Chinese character for 'water'. His seemingly futile action evokes not only the fleetingness of human communication, but also the distance that inevitably separates objects from the words that we use to represent them.
C-type prints Collection Artur Walther

I wonder; Is this Dharma Art? I am just about to explore that in my "cinematic issues in art" essay, about Ai Weiwei, Song Dong & Zhang Huan. -what an awfull task ....

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