Sunday, 31 August 2008

"Study of Perspective" Ai Weiwei

This is a REAL NEOLITHIC pot................

I sincerely thought I was gonna cry when I saw this, but no matter how neolithically oriented I am, confessions must B made; I LOVE IT!
He just fucks the whole thing elegantly, and there you are; a Chinese Andy Warhol Pastich giving us a real reminder how LOST WE ARE CULTURALLY! And what is Weiwei's message? The fact that we forgett to cherish the past, and that the past wasn't all that good for all Chinese... & ... & ... & ... well; his dad was in a communist work-camp for 20 years, washing toilets -for writing poetry! They never said sorry, and Weiwei created the Birdsnest in Beijing for the Olympics, BUT he didnt go to the opening -GLORIOUS MAN! Just fantastic, I love your attitude and courrage! Well, more later; now some shots;

More Neolithic pots from China... By Weiwei.

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ArtyFarty said...

Well - just for "ordens skyld"
AI Weiwei didnt make these pots... they are 4-5000 years old.....
but he definitely DID put paint on them!!!! Naughty boy!!!!! And they look great (including what they represent in Weiwei's eyes as critique for the chinese government who does not conserve the old culture, and fucks up todays!!)! Stunning photo too.