Wednesday, 24 September 2008

AmPhOrA pRoJeCt - will I pass my major?

Now we are beginning to see the end of the start on a Long Wanted Project.
This is only thanks to John Paxies "comes around goes around" attitude, as he
helps me learn to build my large vessels, as a thank for what I gave him!
What a gift to get tho!!!! What an amazing return!!!!!!!!!!!!

We've done 1 colaborational Nanopus Pot, (9 arms... smart Müm...) which he threw,
and I decorated; both done including the others viewpoint and support!!!!

This one, I will throw, Well; I am THROWING, and its 25 cm high, and it looks like I am gonna make it.

Which is truely a TURNINGPOINT (hehehe ceramics-expression) in my career.
Basically; I want to make canvases for myself, but not only a canvas,
they will have to be filled with something too;
to actually have a whole LARGE POT to scartch my marks into !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SHIT! what a *TURN ON*

And I might as well celebrate NOW, cos I know it will be!!!

J Pax has also tought me the secret of affirmations; so I am already selling thos pots for a HUGE amount of money!! (so I can get Bubs & I a real home)

And sweet Anita gave me compliments for my drawings today, well, 2 of them. That makes me just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!

J Pax said I have a talent in throwing... That gives me so much energy, joy and COURAGE! Cos I need courrage, and we need encouragement!!!!!! Hahahaha, and when any clay-teacher read this, my pots have manifested, and shine in pride *

* See what wet earth can be shaped like *

Isnt that a reason to protect environment, nothing is a reason :)


Big words, big girl!

Got to walk my talk now!! ¨

-this might sound like unbearable bragging, but after 4,5 years of art-school, with nothing but comments like these 4 to know where I was standing;

-who made that picture?

-I was worried you might fail life drawing at the beginning of the year, but youve improved

-why arnt YOU happy with it?

-all the teachers had a genuin response to your work

..................... you may see why I really am happy to get SOME KIND OF feedback...
or Litterarily starving for it!!-

and proudly puts it in my blog!!!

What they say and what I hear is also 2 different things;

I hear from Paxie;
You may be good at throwing big pots, which means I may Live From Selling Them (!) which again means; I CAN DO WHAT I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to do!!!!!
I hear from Anita (de Soto) my drawings are lovely = it feeds my confidence in being able to
draw on / decorate the canvases (pots)!

It HAS taken me lots of work, and it HAS taken me TIME, but it seems to lead somewhere,
which is just as well, with the amount of money I owe Lanekassen, my government in student loan.

OKi, promise to document and post the development of my AmPhOrA as I go, - xoxoxoxoxoxox
Happy Müm!

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