Monday, 22 September 2008

Hieronymus Bosch -

true, but I do not like his paintings, they are intriguing, but nothing to dwell on.
I find no food for soul in them, just intellectual babel! Hahahaha! Well,
that was MY words, lucky, cos it's MY blog, hahaha!
Amazing Mrs Bourgois is NOT gonna be explored here, as I remember an exhibition of hers in Oslo, Norway, which blew me away! Any books & images online are just NOTHING compared to the real thing!!!

Now I will google Georges Bataille;

Bataille drew from diverse influences and used diverse modes of discourse to create his work. His novel Story of the Eye, published under the pseudonym Lord Auch (literally, Lord "to the shithouse" — "auch" being short for "aux chiottes," slang for telling somebody off by sending them to the toilet), was initially read as pure pornography, while interpretation of the work has gradually matured to reveal the considerable philosophical and emotional depth that is characteristic of other writers who have been categorized within "literature of transgression." The imagery of the novel is built upon a series of metaphors which in turn refer to philosophical constructs developed in his work: the eye, the egg, the sun, the earth, the testicle.


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