Tuesday, 16 September 2008

-not to mention Sally Man

what strong & lyrical shots she has...


I am, unbelivably enough in the process of moving,

-so close to examns, but sometimes one just has to

do what one thinks is right..

There is a LOT to do always,

but that is a joy too :D

John & mine big Nanopus pot just got "finnished"
& Thank God he is keen on making more :D


Picasso, Jean Cockteau

He has some marwellous drawings, but I like only few; Unlike Mr Picasso who is amazing in almost anything, but his ceramics RULES!

I love his sensitivity within the strong marks, and his incredible ability to capture personalities in very few lines :D

The only shot I found of this, study for the ladies tra la la - cannot remember...

you know my spelling by now... eh, HOW TO get that french right?? Nope.

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