Saturday, 18 October 2008

DumDum Boys

-my first concert ever with a rocknroll band was w these dumdumboys,
I was 16 and got into the pub crossing my heart and promising NOT TO
buy drinks! I didnt, I was high on the music anyway!
Great to c them on youtube, straight into my home here in Dunedin!
Am I homesick?

Oh YES :(

This is the funniest video Ive ever seen, and I sincerely though I was gonna DIE of laughter when I saw it on tv, I simply could not breath IN! - enjoy a lousy version;

AND exept from that have I spent just about the whole friday-saturday -sunday

home alone in front of computer, drinking coffee, NOT being a Müm,

but being me! Fantastic :D Bub & Dad enjoy Christchurch, and I recover.

Twice Ive tried to do house-work, and twice I have hit the same toe, so hard

I had to sit down instead!

In my heart, Malta;
hopeless video, not a great song, but they sing how I feel; I wanna be there every day!

HAHAHA; just take time for this one if nothing else....

This IS actually how they do drive.... they are absolutely mad! - this kept me busy all sunday afternoon :D

MUCH more easy to do than doing essay after a long lasting illness........

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