Monday, 27 October 2008

Hawai'i.... hmmm

it seems the interesting links I when searching on Hawai'i & art & ancient + native & you name it, are only about natural healing terapies & kahunas :)

WHich IS really interesting, specially since I have done a lomilomi massage course, thought by a Maori who changed the tecnique a little and called it Ma Uri massage to Scandinavians. Little did I know, Maoris arnt really known for their massage at all, but then again; all the communication going on within the Polynesian Triangle must definitely have brought the sacred healing teachings around. Anyway; Funny enough, healing is definitely a part of my life, and the search for it! Therefore it would be strange if it is not a part of what I want to give or tell with my pots. hmm... hmm.

Even to the extent where I thought; will I do alternative medicine, or will I do art?
-heh, so maybe I am on my way to find a merging agent? hehehe

QUOTE from the link;

While staying on the Hilo side of the Big Island, visitors may take advantage of authentic Hawaiian lomi lomi massage services and occasional planned retreats as well as workshops to learn about Hawaiian culture, history and healing techniques. This organization's ultimate passion and focus of work is the connection of the heart, hand, and soul which comes from the source of all life, embodied in lomi lomi. or phone (808) 961-3118.

-Sounds like art to mii :)
Maybe THAT is the link Ive been looking for :D ?

Cos I decided to go to the source, rather than the Turned-away-from-the-big-chief-Ma-Uri teacher in Denmark, or rather; I'd finnished off his cource if only he could reply to my emails and phone calls, but since he cannot, I suspect there is no point pursuing it, rather taking advantage of the closness to the real sourse, as I said :D

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