Sunday, 19 October 2008

I was JUST about to

write something smart about the essay... and there was this picture of a girl from high school
- - - and --- I have NO IDEA about what I was gonna write here.... call me easily distracted!!!
I was surfing on Michael Morley's last record Secret Earth, and felt surprised I liked the noisy sound. Do Pete and Michael know each other well? Hehehehe :) I mean, since ur both in Port Chalmers too ... If a girl was playing double bass, and was into "jazz-funk-pop-blues-something" -I would definitely know about her if she was in MY hometown :)
I felt intrigued by Secret Earth, although its not initially my type of music :)

OK, essay essay essay - I cannot remember that fine idea of mine, it cannot possibly have been very intriguing..


-oh THERE WAS MY IDEA --- not essay but idea;

**************** --------------------------************************
I want to put 2 pictures beside eachother to show what I mean by the presence and immedeacy of "ancient" pots compared to the glazed and dazed ones... ;

Well; since Ive got a useless trial version of photoshop, the photos will come after each other;

-I feel the direct contact with those unglazed pots, while the glazed ones seems removed from my immedeate grasp... ??? can I say that?
I see and feel closeness, and possably nakedness (naked being ITSELF WITHOUT DISGUISE rather than unprotected and vulnerable) and truefullness springing from the claybody.

The glazed works sure has their appeal, but feels rather distant to me, like something precious on the shelf that is not for use
-like a life not ment to be lived-

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