Saturday, 25 October 2008

Its soon midnight

& I am stuck with C4 and 80ies hits. I LOVE them, off course... being in the Golden Age of 5-15 during those years... how can they go wrong to entertain me?

So, that keeps me up, and I start slowly to consider doing next life in my reincarnation essay...

Last experience of Mexico at year 300AD was really more transformative and deep felt than I could hope for... It made me feel really quite down, but somehow I hope it unlocked something valuable, like the ability to apreciate what I have, while having it!

Iran 5000 BC was not that tough, but just "empty" ... I didnt dwell on experiences, as I immedeately related to the clayworks of the time.

In Mexico tho, I had to do more research to bite. And it really enlightened me on Mesoamerica!
HAH! I didnt even know the classic period in Mexico WAS at 300 AD, nor that they had any large heavy duty cultural significance. So; excuse me everyone, for my ignorant way of living!

Beat It, m Micheal Jackson... how CAN IT be better? He is such a funky pop-man!!

Well, better prepare for next life!!! This is hopefully more amazing than I could ever hope for, and will amaze others!!!!


Pink Floyd & The Wall sends me to bed!

xox Müm

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