Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Oh My Oh My ... <3

My Love & Joy has left the building for Christchurch with her Dad <3

I am home alone all weekend, and BubbyLove is gone without Müm for the 1st time to see Nana & Pop.

AND to that belongs the nervous feeling of a Müm ... :) She wonders how Bub is without her, and made shure Bub was warm and that she had food enough, and even a spoon, in case Bub gets hungry & dad is far away from a gas-station....

Oh well, I am sure they will be fine :) Mum can have her well earned break, and socialize & heal and miss them both terribly ***



This sweet sounding girl started her musical career singing to her dead dog ...

It makes me cry still, to hear this beautiful song - so light and so angelic

Müm also puts in a link to the good friend Pete;

-I think Bub is asleep now, in the car, on their way .. cos my intence sadness just lifted ***

Funny how Müm & Büb always feel each other - what an amazing bonds humans can have

I feel the need to comfort myself with the idea of my good friend Gitte, G1tt3 & Her daughter M@lou :) M@lou went to her grandparents overnight alone 1st time when she was 7 months!!! So Siena being 1 year & 8 months, or 20 months :) -she is more than Big Enough to enjoy this ...

Oh poor Müm :) This is such an issue... Well, I hope you enjoyed the song!!!

Love, Müm

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