Monday, 27 October 2008

Susa, Iran 5000 BC -pot shards, polychrome painting

More about Susa further down this post :D

-not much use was it, as I have to buy it for 10 pounds... no way! hahahaha, well.. ;)

I did, and that was a great waste of money.... not as anythings wrong w d article, but with the content of it - focusing on language not potts... OK, google gave wrong hints... to that link, and I'm a bit naive! Good on me.

Well, this link reminded me I did see a short movie on how native people on Hawaii was treated... and it is not a nice story. I have to admit; I know more about Hawaii than I thought I did as I started thinking of it as a home for a life experienced round 1300 ad. I can relate to the amazing tatooing (which I definitely love) - the use of shells in jewellery; the use of feathers in clothing -definitely in jewellersy & NOW off course in ceramics!

I am - bit by bit building my all personal language of Ceramics, (hahaha - takes some time, doesnt it? Hope the financial crisis wont affect that!! -meaning; I can keep creating :) )

Going back, is going foreward - whatever that means to you :D

In my past life reasearch for mapping essay, it means a lot! More than I could ever hope for! It is am amazing source of inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing source



Just amzaing.

Ever heard of Susa, Iran, 5000 BC?

Me neither till friday ... STrange life.
How about Teotihuacan?
I've herd the name, but feel strangely dizzy and unwell from it, still attracted. Feels very raw, and I feel unable to distance myself to it when looking at pictures of their murals, while simply really really sick when seing pictures taken from the "Street of the Dead" towards the Sun pyramid, at normal eye-level. When looking at arial photos, I can appreciate and detach.... hmm.

But, back to Hawaii :D That was a happy life it seemes from my intuitive and instinctual reasearch tecnique :D

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