Monday, 10 November 2008

What Others Mean

and think about my pots, is none of my bussiness
-said a woman to me the other day.
I found it intriguingly interesting, as I understand her point,
but just never saw it her way...

-concerning pricing ones own work, Jim said
"the thing is you got to have the balls to tell what you want for it"

-two really good advices when put together :D

Well Mr Landlord; it seems you gotta pay for it!!! :D
(he wants one :))

NOW; Tetris, -and Michael; I beat my old record 2 days ago; Im at 43.000 on the Marathon game! Hahaha, Ive been busy playing to get that much points... -at least I can tell how clear my state of mind is when playing, as when Im worried I get distracted and lose at 10-15.000 points. Then I can have to start again but will also actually focus on and reflect on the troubble that surfaced, instead of denying it....
Müms' Tetris Meditation Training

Today Baby was at doctor, and she has doublesided ear-infection. Homeopath came driving from Port Chalmers ONLY for the sake of giving Siena her medication straight away.
That will probably enable me to have my asessment Wednesday after all, if lectures are keen.
Homeopatic remedies are fabolous!

I will try write a plan for my examn -


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