Saturday, 25 August 2012

HEART QUARC HEALING :D easy and friendly *Ü*

by Tone Western on Wednesday, February 2, 2011 at 1:51pm ·
Hey, Ive come across something I call the Heart Quarc Technique . It is directly linked from a documentary on quantum physics which says: The heart quarcs tend to appear and disappear, and this "puzzels" the scientists. The heart is faster than the mind... its energy is psycic, and faster than the speed of thought... The energy from the heart can be felt up to 12 feet out from the body, and has nothing to do with the classic aura. The quarcs, the puzzeled scientists say, might be linked to the consiousness... And their disappearance the say, may be due to interdimentional travelling!!! ♥ SO: like any curious human being, I tried it! I sent my quarcs out in space... to somewhere I love... wow... I sent it to friends... wow... It is direct communication with HUGE potential for healing, and honest beautiful direct contact! All you do, is to send your quarcs wherever you want to, and see what happens. They are not for giveaway, they are for true loving communication, which HEALS the one in the recieving end!! ♥ I did a both way one, with a facebook friend I have never met... AMAZING! Smiling, energized in part of body that need healing, heart beating a little extra, and just feeling wow! COOL HUH!? How about that Light shining in the Dark Now? How about encourraging love and compassion where there is none now? And send love to your enemies now??? Sounds like a good idea, doesnt it :D Like David Wilcock says: love yourself and end the nwo! How about loving nwo? ♥ Let the Love Loose 

Tom Kreisler from Argentina, claimed by New Zealand as he lived there with his family :)  

After practicing sending these quarcs for some time -and to many of my new friends from the WACD 20.11.2010 -I'm more and more happy to turn my focus into experimenting and finding ways to express the Heart in my Art. This is part of my next artistic move... Who knows where I'll go - it's kind of exciting :D

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