Tuesday, 8 April 2008

ArtyFartyProject for beginners

ArtyFarty is open for political incorrect ideas, unfinnished images & other wonderful creations!
ArtyFartyProject is my thoughts & research of Art as I enjoy 3rd year of BA of Fine Art @ Otago Polyteknic in Dunedin, New Zealand.


Gitte said...

ArtyFarty er genialt

Gitte said...

Den blade jeg rett opp i yoko ono boka mi, og da tenkte "til arty fart"

Sense Piece
Common sense prevents you from thinking. Have less sense and you will make more sense.

Art is Fart. Fart more and you will fart less.

Screaming is a voice never load enough to reach. Scream more and you will scream less.

1968 spring, Yoko Ono

ArtyFarty said...

Gitte <3

Denne var fantastisk :D