Tuesday, 8 April 2008

WONDERFUL ARTWORKS gives life meaning,

I simply LOVE art, but what artists do I love...?


...to be honest, I must say I really adore the guts & the fun of his more "naughty drawings" too...


The restrained tecnique with paper and pen gives an overwhelming impression with its detail and ornaments. Still, it is not annoying to look at. This intense contrast and tention combined with the subjectmatter is to me a thrilling experience to encounter! I find Erotic Art at its best is never revolting, but I guess these images has lost a bit of its initial shock-effect and is now more entertaining than anything else. Still, we all know how our gradparents probably would react to posters by Beardsley in the Livingroom Wall. Tho, when published about 1930 they must have made some people look twice.

ANYWAY; we've go Edward Munch too; whose works definitely look amazing live, maybe not so amazing online or in books. Still, I think the watercolour paints + woodcuts + all that is NOT painting is phantastic! I seem to never really get tired of him... But if you can, go to Oslo in Norway and have a look at his pics live. Its worth the whole trip wherever you come from!!!!


In Munch's early years he made a portrait of a Polish worker, on brown paper with some kind of crayons. Unfortunately I have not found it online, but the paper itself makes the skin & background while the facial traits is done in tones of blue, and his soul simply shines through!

Degas, who can look at art & ignore him? Pastels are; both as colors & crayons are amazing, soft - fluffy - light-, totally opposite to the austere pen of Beardsley. Degas wonderful scetchlike loosness here and the closeness to the paper hes worked on intergrates the whole sheet and activates the contrast yet intergration between illution of image and reality of what we are looking at (brown paper, charcoal & pastels...)

Mariko Mori, a contemporary Japanese woman has some awesome scetches with drawings of bubbles, released in one of her earliest books. I cannot say I like any of her photos or hi-tec-sculptures, but those bubbles are amazing!! Also impossible to find online :(

Recommended to explore, by my Drawing Teacher Michael, was Wilhelm Sasnal. I found some of his pictures interresting as they show a naive style I can relate to. Thomas Werk was another guy poping up as I looked for Sasnal, who might be a bit more interresting to me. His work is really simple and the subjectmatter seems to be the bible. I tend to enjoy a series of expressions rather than freestanding pieces, as I feel a series does explore the possabilities with itself more.
Werk sticks to this one sort of expression of line, but does dozens of them!


Karen Kilimnik is another woman whose works I just encountered, but did not find too appealing. Witty to some extent, but never the less without that feeling I look for i a piece of art. I spelled her name wrong tho, and someone else must have done so too, cos up comes a funny blogg-space instead about both Karen & overarticulation what art one does...



... this is another funny work I found by accident by Sue Williams :)

I kind of find when art gets too sarcastic or cool, when you cant see what stand the artist has, the works seems entertaining for a moment, but nothing for me to linger upon. Except maybe that FUCK YOU BUSH as the picture aesthetically works absolutely beautyfully! That is because I find this meditative quality in it; which is what I essencially seek in all art; the reflection where I am given space to wander off into myself and unwind! Therefore I tend to enjoy "Zen" artists and traditional Chinese & Japanese ink-works. The LINES are so amazing...

This incense box is done by raku-fireing, and is used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Its aesthetics is based on Wabi-Sabi, where the imperfections of nature is what makes a thing "perfect". Strange wiev for us westerners, but pretty commonly known amongst potters, as Japan is the leading fan as a country of ceramics art. As a potter, one has to come across Japanese works!!

Installation can be magnificent to, like this work by Ken Unsworth - it is worth a push on that link!!


...and to cool it all off for today, we got Gruner;


and Mark Rothko


Gitte said...

WONDERFUL ARTWORKS gives life meaning,
helt enig :-)

Wall piece for orchestra to yoko ono
Hit a wall with your head


Gitte said...

Building piece for orchestra

Go from one room to another
opening and closing each door.
Do not make any sounds.
go from the top of the building
to the bottom.

1963 winter