Sunday, 13 April 2008

Now What

Now Essay About Art, Andy Warhol from Peters Course.

How does one read a HUGE pile of sheets filled with art-philosophy/history, understand it, and then write 1500 words about it in 18 days; WHEN I am the main-carer for a 1 year old girl; has an unemployd partner whos nagging non stop about being unemployd; and I have 6 hours each day to do art? ANSWER; One sits down and knits! Or writes a rather short piece here before knitting and watching sunday-movie... which IS funny.... THEN sleeps really well; goes to school on monday & talks to someone about the whole course; gets notes & access to online notes. YES!


I will continue thinking about my own art;

1) Get Wonderful SHeets of Paper

2) Get some Stoneware-clay up 2 my Studio

3) Bring the Tea-boiler 2 school

4) Bring ALL drawings 2 school

5) Go Photo-Safariing with Partner

6) MAke sure I eat well!!!

7) Find out how to play music and bring some NICE classical music in...

8) Remember that organic tea

9) Bring Cups!!!!!!!!

10) Find a homeopathic remedy that works

11) pay daycare - rent - telecom

12) Learn to provoke a relaxed state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-then gets everything done in time!

Lots of Love to me, cos I need it,
Hahahaha, imagine that, -at least I am my own sunshine!!! Hehehe

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