Tuesday, 6 May 2008

James HIllman - my new friend *

From Umbrella to penis. What a funny sentence, and it only really makes sense when we realise this guy is a Jungian Psycriaist (? -though spelling...)
My latest friend philosophy-wise.. Thinks aesthetics & etics & anaesthetics belong together in analyzing this world; while aesthetics is needed so we are able to love what we find around us; the anaesthetics like TV, coffee, beer, drugs, commersials & all the fuzz that numbs us is really making us all sleep; the artists need to make etical art so we dont end up with art for arts sake; and thereby just roaming around in the numbness forever... we do not need more MEANING in our lives he says, we need sincere surrender to the experience of the senses; to dare wake up from the illutions.

Another man to quote is ceramisist & drawer Jim Cooper;

"Fuck the Quality of the Line, (The Work is Exciting)"

"Shit, yeah!"

Having said that, its time to publish a picture of Warhol again. The Annunciation. I really really really really like this;

Well Done Andy, We Love You *


Johanna at art school said today; 3d works involve people to relate to each other in a different way than 2d works does. Cos 2d is meant to be a sole experience. I kind of like the sole experience. Relating is good too, but that little trip within that allows you just to lean back & relax within, cos someone actually wanted you to join them in that inner temple of yours... Sharing the dream in there without having to verbally participate. Wonderful.

"Time to go to sleep, Iggle Piggle"

Good Night!

PS to G1tt3 & M@lou; http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/inthenightgarden/songs/song_igglepiggle.shtml

How I wish we could share a Pizza from Bella Rompa now :o/

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Gitte said...

gracias bella
det var knall
malou hyler av glede
og klapper i hendene
i ekstase over drømmehagelinken.

og nå spiser jeg en pizza bit og tenker på deg og meg på bella rompa.

Du er best