Sunday, 22 June 2008

Asessment Letter

Hi there, Maddy Jim & Max :)
This research blogg is inspired by tips from Michael Morley.
Unfortunately a bit hard to print all links out, but if u can, look up
Artyfarty sounds a bit weird I guess, but it is inspired by two ladies in Sydney who made fun of me walking to school with a canvas under my arm... Amazing!

My sources of inspiration that never fails to repeat themselves are all Oldtimers'!!!

Tolouse Lautrec, Edvard Munch & Mr Degas + Robert Rauchenberg, Klee & Miro!!! The other obvious guy Kandinskjy kind of started to feel to mecanic once I started studying him.. so I lost my fancies, but anything from Impressionists and foreward is definitely interesting. AND Rotkho, G' how could I even think about forgetting him!!! As contemporary goes, Andy Goldsworthy would be my man!! And to some extent EVa Lange from Norway. And WIlliam Kentridge, but that is obvious, isnt it!??? Everybody loves him!!?? Hahaha, ok.

Too, I am VERY facinated by childrens books "illustrations" art! There is a lot of amazing collages & prints in some of the original books of the Moomie Valley, The Hungry Catepilar-guy, and even in the childrens library in city here :)

Ok, mum must sleep ;) Hung the exhibition up tonight, and I am still both happy and excited about it!! Documentary next week!

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Flash diary said...

canvas under your arm, arty farty, hihe hihe - great :-)

I want too see som pictures from the exhibition!!!!!