Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wickliffe Terrace 1

Photo of House by Same Name
This is the Obvious inspiration for my drawing @ Quadrant Gallery :)

Trying to find a good composition.. I have millions of such photos.. It feels like I am ALWAYS looking for a good composition..

This is from Rathke Street.. or what ever that street is called :)

Inspiration for both drawing and photo... It is EXTREEMLY gloomy looking houses, that partly scare me a bit. I find houses can be scary... To look INTO dark windows is just like... Booo! Lots of intriguing houses here in Dunedin, and I generally like cities, but few is like this; the architecture is just so exciting!

What other exciting stuff do I have... hmmm...

Looks REALLY hot, doesnt it??

Hehehe, well.

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