Friday, 20 June 2008


HEHE, finally I know what that means, after weeks of paranoid ideas thinking it was something really really nasty and untruthful... evil and disgusting

Well; Black on White; Uncanny means STRANGE OR DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND

I guess we all find it difficult to understand sometimes, and my uncanny pictures ( as Michael Morley would put it) probably derrives from my Dads office! He had art on the walls, and I spent hours upon hours (hahaha -great childhood!!) trying to make sense of them without really succeding. Old not very known Norwegian artists, and an awkward print of Picasso. Funny how art influence a young mind unknowingly. I learned to hate (I know, I am a bit passionate in New Zealand terms, but who cares) Herman Hebler, a fabolous print maker obsessed (that is probably why by the way... his obsessiveness of perfection got to me!) with straight lines.

Herr Herman Hebler

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