Friday, 20 June 2008

1 semester 2008


a) to loosen up & realise I've got all the freedom I need!
b) to dare going BIG, to be just as nedry as I am!!!! To go into my emotions and express directly from them (just learning now) -heading towards BIG pictures of baby & me - NOT like realism, by FAR!!!
c) to use ANY material; and instead of being really fuzzy about WHAT pen is available WHEN like; where IS that green??????????????? And Oh NOOOOOOOOOOO, where did I put that white tube of gouashe? And how the hell is it spelled?

d) How to make a footnote on the computer -oh... in words program!
e) hoping to be able to do something I wanted since before I started school at 7 for a living!
f) daring to use pink IF I WANT TO USE PINK - or DELEARNING a coupple of trix from National Art School in Sydney

g) not TRYING but doing and being... it is a habbit and a state to get used to being in, and the more it is practiced the better it works! The easier it is to chose to get into that state; creating one; and to choose THAT instead of other quick fixes to the weariness!!!

h) and THERE finally did I reveal what makes me create; That annoying inner drive restlessness that seeks stimulation! It can be a lot of things, but mainly I have to do art; drink something like Tea or Coffe; read ANYTHING metaphysical; or simply TALK TO SOMEONE
hahahaha, guess how much my phonebills come to?

i) that Dunedin or Dud, which I think is a fabolous shortening, is a great little place!

j) That I can use my scetches creatively; really; my workbooks are often in the theoretical fields, where I ALWAYS end up making compositions OUT OF WORDS -or I'd simply be too boared!!!

k) that late night working is GREAT but not when baby wants me at 8 am ...

SO, Good Night, Lots of love to my friend SIlje, who is about to look up this page :)
xox Tone

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