Sunday, 20 July 2008

Guess Who's Had A Holiday?

That's right, I did! With mum visiting from Norway, flu for 4, mercury-detox & shamanic healing! Cannot complain!!!!!

Now, I have to collect my results for 1st term... (sic) ...

Another blogg with great photolinks is *iheartphoto*
Been enjoying that. Too, Colin Wheeler has some sober paintings I may be a real fan of!! Going to show in Dowling Street soon.
*Happy Last Night Before Break Is Over*, Everybody!!

And this one;

Good Morning St Ives....

-THEN I see these sweet pics from Liz Hough!! Who can go to bed now?

I DO like this one, although it usually would bee too naturalistic to me, I think live, this might be a little masterpiece..

AND THEN... Collin Orchard... Some street in St Ives.. ?????????? But this other chick Liz did paint ST Ives too??? What a weird coinsidnece...

I have to look up St Ives...

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