Wednesday, 23 July 2008

St Ives was nice!

-but guess who lived there????

The Man of All Men Ceramic-wise...

Bernard Leach!!!

Hahaha, and here is me talking about chosing drawing over clay & the funny coinsident regarding 2 lovely paintings from the same village... Well, got it straight out there didnt I ?

Now its time to trust it!!

Hehi, to trust the process, to trust *L*I*F*E* ?

I was amazed from all my grades and comments, I really did not expect such feedback!!
Too, I am amazed I managed to achieve that much in the situation I was in! What a Bloody Mess, G' I must have more ressources than I thought!! (Or lots less) hahahaha!

time to turn a page; Mümmy will be back on track! Hahahaha!

The Essays clearly reflect my lack of understanding of analysis, and ability to follow and express a thought in depts verbally. I sincerely have to learn what analysis is all about, and when I do, I am sure to be amazed by how much I love it!

I do have a plan for what I want to acieve art-wise, and that is to be able to make large vessels, and be excellent at life drawing. It sounds ambitios I guess, but I dont mean to be, -it is just because it is what I want to acieve in life - . From there I imagine myself having the chance of revelling in joy & creation, and I even can show you who made me get on that track, cos he's got a name!! HAHAHAHAHA

"mennesker i spennet mellom frihet og trygghet"

Både rytteren og sveveren - to av hans vanligste motiver - er nettopp klassiske frihetsmetaforer.

Well; get ready; hahaha


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