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We will have to explore Hitchcock, who I funny enough only link to my Dad. And I am equally in dislike of Hitchcock as I like my Dad. So, well. Maybe the balance is about to change in this semester :) I have never been fond of Dada or Surrealistic Art either, but 2 weeks ago I saw "the elephant egg" which was kind of intriguing. At least I did not have to leave the room... (Theosophical Society free movie screening on fridays :)
SOmehow, it's been just like Si-Fi for me; someone who's not got first-hand information has mixed up a lot of symbols & scrambled them together to confuse, and the real source (unconsious /space) never gets a fair say!!! I'd rather read documentaries about Jungs' work or repports on UFO discoveries than feeding my brain with someone elses crap. I've got enough to sort in myself, if I should not have to try make sense of artistic vaudeville too!

Hahaha, I hope someone is laughing now, cos I sure am!

Well, honest, but may not constant (as we have discovered by now) opinion for the last 15 years... BUT like I said; It may change! I am about to embark on this Hitchcock discovery, and who knows, I probably end up liking it!

BUT I DO NOT LIKE CRIME/VIOLENCE AS ENTERTAINMENT as we see it in tv/movie today. Its like enjoying other peoples missery, when in fact large parts of the globe do have serious troubles with all sorts of abuse. Off course Hitchcock was only brilliant story teller on screen, but the hidden joy of the dark, evil, burlesque ++++ scare me more deeply than facinate.

At times I find it appaling that someone had the time/need/brain/heart to invent certain visual effects, no matter what motiv or method or excuse they have, and in there goes that disgusting man Damian Hirst who cut a cow in 2 and put it in a transparent plastic box. And a galley in Oslo (where I am born) spent a years budget and bought it!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOOO!

To me, talking to the cow is art! Getting it to trust you!! Sing to it and have fun with it, THAT IS ART!

Oh G! Maybe Louise Bourgois would agree with me? She seems to be agonized by things to a deeper extent too. Well. I am not gonna put in a copy of her what --- 10 meter sized spider, cos I dread it, but I HAVE seen it live, and it is just absolutely facinating! It DOES scare you!!!!!!
She obviously works with archetypical symbols & seems surrealistic to some maybe, but she is tidy, and give you 1 symbol at the time; not like in a movie of Man Ray, where you just have to stop before you started seeing it to breathe... Well. To be honest - that was a bit of a fraud, cos I have never seen a movie by him, but I have seen immitations of them, and his pictures off course. Not live tho. I have NO need to either. Anymore. I used to love them when I was 16-17.

Now Black & White photo and ink drawings are my favourites. On pots.

One of the few conseptual artists that speak to my heart is a chinese guy whos into lettering & Tao. I've spent about 2 years trying to remember his name, but having a Nappie Brain, that was all in vain...

AND to finalize todays letter; The reason I messed myself Down Under almost 5 years ago in the first place was bacause its a fairly western place close to Asia, so I could get a bit of a more original impression of the whole story there.

*Its Easy To Get Lost Along The Way*


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