Sunday, 27 July 2008

PROJECT DRAWING, Stage 3, semester 2

My project will contain life drawings, where I will participate in Anitas classes for 1-2 hours on wednesday to get access to modells. Too, I will try make scetches from public places, where people are happily unaware they've been drawn.

I has as a goal in life to get good at life drawing and my idea of drawing is quite conservative, as I do not need to expand it. Still, doing a joint major in drawing and ceramics, means I in the end want to draw on clay rather than 2D materials, and I might incorporate that for this project too.

A Norwegian contemporary artist painting on clay is Franz Wideberg.

Usually when I see people do something I want to do, I just give in and change my direction, but in this case, it was like an eye-opener. Franz does only occationally use clay, but I've seen his group of 7 pots, 6 foot tall and with his amazing style of painting animals and humans in primary colours, and got totally immerged and inspired. He does not make his own pots, but gets a danish factory do it.

Choi Sung is a contemporary Korean artist, who paints on his works. This type of light and expressive calligraphy brush strokes appeals to my idea of immedeacy, and it is in stark contrast to the time spent preparing the claybody. I have given up the idea of mastering both drawing and ceramics first time around, so my clay-canvases wont be finnished products, if I submit any.


Tone Haugen.

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