Thursday, 31 July 2008


Hi Maddy!

Here is my proposal/outline.

Nature is always my greatest source of inspiration, and I love my ceramics to look as "natural" as possible. I would love my pieces to be half burried in a garden; looking like a part of nature. Until you walk up to it and discover that the rock looking thing actually has a hole; and that the there is a subtle pattern that keeps you looking... cos nature cant possably have done such a rock, it seems like it may not be worth a second look. Still, you start digging the dirt to uncover the rock, and to your surprise, it has handles! Maybe it was your grandma that left it out here by the compost? Maybe she forgott about it, or maybe your uncle just didnt like the look of it and threw it out?
Well, here it is; cleansed and dried, and no one could guess I put it there yesterday; fresh from the kiln!

-I will pursue my attempts to handbuild large vessels by slab-coiling this term. As decoration I want to explore the possebilities to leave vessels under water for some length of time, including trying to get an imposed surface of unglazed but aged look; by smearing on oxides. Finally, I hope to succeed in doing underwater life inspired drawings and patterns on the pots.
I have a deep facination & love for the old Minoan Octopus & basically all the bigger pots they had;

and all the Mediterranian shapes & the Tuscany style surface of pots inspires me too.

My pots (2005) - got raku fired but have no picture of them, looked like marble.

By large scale works, I mean 1 meter +.
So I wish myself good luck, in something that at the moment seems a little less but impossible

I hope this will be ok as a proposal!?

Thanks a lot,

Tone Haugen

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