Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hey, long time no see:

-too busy with real life adventures & pc is busy with Baby watching Postman Pat dvd.

Hehe -must call Gitte, who turns "twentyfourteen" today :)

-and it turned into 2 phonecalls, another one to Silje - none of them has Skype, so I push fast foreward to 2010, and hope by then they may have... G how slow they are... in that respect.. *knegg*

Lapita pottery; my latest discovery; WONDERFULLY light both in pattern & shapes, well done!
Hehe. Jomon, Japanese pottery is amazing, and off course Greek - and Chinese; both in their respective Dark Ages - GOOD AS GOLD *

Too, I have put glaze on one of my pots, -I borrowed some Tenmoku from a classmate, OR I TRADED some Tenmoku for a Musli bar. Great trade, hehehe - or *Knegg* (silly Norwegian laugh that sounds like horse-laughter...). -What a shame there is no sound on this page, u think now (not!) :D

Well; I started using a paper-workbook, so maybe you'll c me less in here now.

Michael, I did look at Panadology, AND I loved it <3

Hope youre well by now, and see you next week!!!

Good Night,


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