Thursday, 21 August 2008

Tones Astrological Personality -by Liz Greene

Hidden beneath the surface is a slow, gentle and inarticulate quality which is rather like a friendly animal, a loyal friend, full of warm devotion but not likely to set the world alight with its brilliance.

PUH! Der var det sagt! *hahahaha*

Well, Leoni; do not expect too much of an intellectual capacity from me!

Anyway; I have, like Jim, experienced to get quite unwell form kiln-fumes, namely (wrong word, hey?) last friday. Between 1-2 the raku was going, and by 3 I had a headace, got dizzy, and my vision blurred. Believeing I was gonna faint I ran out. Coming back in half hour later, I didnt feel any discomfort. Only 5 minutes into the throwing, I had to run back out again, and STAY out. This time the headace did not leave me until an hours time later...

Like John Pax I have got a rash from the clay. Specifically from the sculptural clay, so I've decided to stop using that. I will have to see how the other clays goes.

Finding boys like Song Dong & Ai Weiwei does really change me, and I have also been lucky enough to stumbel over a book about Dharma art. Buddhadharma; Buddhas truth, art made/lived according to his teachings.

I had a lucky shot when I joined in on the calligraphy class with the Chinese Proffessor, and learned that a letter is jugded by its feeling of link to its verbal meaning, and ultimately as an expression of balance and harmony which when locked into a separate square, will look stunning.

This is enough for me to conclude it has aesthetical value across any culturar borders, and is something anyone obsessed with composition & content would benefit from studying.

Ink is also a much loved medium for me, tho I have so much respect for its possabilities, I found it hard to explore unsupervised, -simply as I might discourrage myself from ever touching a ink pen ever again... SO after a tiny Bamboo lecture with the same proffessor, I did go home & dared to try! And I am most definitely gonna keep exploring the bamboo and floral ink paintings in future. I find, when mastering the tecniques, -whatever they may be; I am free to express myself. But before I understand how ink, brush, water and paper behave, I have NO hope of seeing a masterpiece. I take pride in the fact I am a student, and allow myself to move freely within what can be called artistic pursuit, as long as I am NOTHING BUT a student! I'd rather walk the long way than doing the shortcuts, cos I know my short comings will show!! Hahaha!

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