Sunday, 28 September 2008

Homo Erectus

how about that for a name for my little "penis collection", -possably resembling (just a word I like, so I put it in here :D ) -"Heaven, Earth and Man Principle" in Dharma Art, the principles upon which describes IF you are doing it or not....
I consider making babies the greates art of all, and I also happen to believe that peace & happiness on earth starts in the bedroom. In that way, I seem to be intertwining 2 themes in 1.

It may end up as an installation, resembeling (hah! there it goes again, that word!!!! :D Must look it up..)

-the H, E & M Principle itself, and kind of commenting upon it at the same time.

-I did look it up, and it is used correctly! WOW, hahahaha! Well..

I will "install" my flower-post to represent Earth, The Homo Erectus, & other weird looking intimate body parts to represent the Man, so my flying objects has to symbolize Heaven! I only have a pine-cone (dripping seeds) so far, maybe some sculptural drawings... and a bag of glitter & silver (rain) pens...


Michael Morely suggested for me to look up land art, and By the Big Master, I HAVE!
Believe it or not, the Surrounded Islands (which I happen to L*O*V*E*) is classified as e*R*O*t*i*c* art. (just so my page doesnt appear under that search... for span etc).
Those famous green islands in the river, surrounded by 3-5 meters of floating pink plastic...


I will have to put that pot of mine under water too soon, if to be included as research in assignment. And YES I want that!! Must ask Lee if she has coast-line available..
:D :D :D

NOW; G Nite****

And Happy Birthday to Paaax,
Happy birthday to Paaaaax,
Happy Birthday to Pax!

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