Sunday, 28 September 2008


-Francis Alÿs

-great ÿ there... look like ü! *Ü*
-my favorite el-smile !!

I will (probably) write my essay abstract online now, to revive as I go...

MY TOPIC will be to map Dunedin City.
I will visually describe safe and unsafe areas of movement for different species.
It will at this stage not relate it directly to human in other ways that pointing at our occupying, terrorizing, and need to conquer all species territory.
What I hope to make stand out, is to what degree we, as human, forget to address the interdependence that is necessary for harmonious existence on Planet.

I am yet to decide what codes of colour I will use, and what size of are to chose, but it will be transparent sheets, and tracing the enlarged photocopied map-
not photocopied onto the sheet, as it will melt in the copy machine...
Maybe in the end, the pics may not have roads, only colour codes.

I am already working on ideas of abstract representation of % in examples of
-how much of earths surface is under asphalt
bla bla bla

As I need those permanent markers for this type of sheets, the colour range is quite restricted, but on my little map, I find green & gold, red & black, red & blue to be very descriptive for my needs.

The Green Line by Francis Alÿs... hmm. That is a very sweet maping... While the planetarium of stock exchange is just wonderful! I loved it! Alli has got some nice stuff to tell us about, and she is telling it :D


oh well,

lost track of those 2 things I WAS gonna say, and got lost in my notes from art theory class.
Rachel was d name of d planetarium lady, I think. -but must get back to it, too tired for details.

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