Monday, 22 September 2008

Odilon Redon, strange name (... )

-strange man? Strange pictures!!!!
I love some of them tho!!!
He was the van Gohg of the 1800's!
Did things his own way, regardless of trends etc.
He sure has some beauty captured here -

I've been through a list of artists works suggested by Michael,
and this style here, is absolutely appealing to me.
The dreamyness, the light touch, and carefull markings,
makes it somehow more removed from this world,
mystic & magic :) I LOVE that stuff :)
Few & far manage to capture it, the etherical reality :D
Sure something I'd LOVE to learn myself!!!!!!!

Yes, Rodin & Duchamp etc etc etc r really amazing,
but this here, is more emotionally idealistic,
and depict such sensitivity, you'd probably never see
anyone act it out in real life, or act like this urself,
unless alone!!! :D
Very exciting :D :D :D
Tanx MM!

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