Friday, 26 September 2008

well.. My personality is sprinkeled with modesty...

The Large Pot I am making, seems to be less like I want it to than hoped for.


1) Put on new coils before old ones was dry enough,
2) Did not work dilligently enough to smooth out finger-marks so uneven shape.
3)Did not leave the rim wet enough when throwing new coils on, so "dragging-marks".
4) Believe a pot 50 x 60 cm is large enough for decorating w/ my capacity at this moment in time anyway!!!

I have to admit, I've met unexpected problems today, after the bottom is harder to keep smooth than the top (it is made upside down...) + since I was rushing & pushing & impatient!

And off course since I am inexperienced!!

To quote John Pax replying when someone commented on his giant planter;
Yes! It's almost big enough for my head now!

Well, I realise, the road may yet be long, but I can see "the end" & I am NO LONGER impatient <3

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