Sunday, 28 September 2008

Who Would Have Though???

William Wegman, Ray-o-graph (or something 1973)
Will Weg -Blue Head

This is probably the 1st weekend where I have NOT worried about school - - -

HAH! Cos now I know (!) there is gonna be a way for me 2 pursue ***

-why should the early bird pursue worms, when he can order pizza?


yupp! Pizza!!

Hells Doble Trouble ***

nope! John(athon) didnt want to (eat it) (and thertefore not any point asking if he want to) drive & get it.

BUT I AM STARVING_____________________________________________

will ring :D

-not much interesting

VERY VERY interesting, I really like some of this mans pictures.

ALWAYS the landscapes in oil!!!!

Sometimes the dreamy ones, but rarely the close-ups...

But he definitely has things of inspiration to me!!!

Also most of his works after 1910... he died shortly after.

And a William Wegman to "entertain & keep the focus on my blogg... (hehehe)

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