Sunday, 19 October 2008

1992 - I WAS HERE!!!

concert w Life .. but how to live it -in my hometown in 1992...
it is literary INSANE to sit here in DUD watching it. I could have been recorded,
but I was to far back to the left... I didn't want to be stage dived at :)

A lady I shared room with on hospital this spring-break just txt'd and said she's back in. I thought she might be, gotta go c her tomorrow before Baby is home from daycare... That is one of life's MOST IMPORTANT tasks; if anyone needs u, B THERE! I'll cancel a lot of things to to support people in need. What else is there, if nobody cares when ur in need?? Empty!!

HAHAHA, she just said she'd LOVE a cappuccino, and 7 (!!!) satches of sugar! HAHAHAHAHA
I said she is MAD, hehehe

I made a friend at hospital at least, if not 2!!! Justine & Edward.
If I get the house I'm keen on, we'll be neighbours... everyone I know in DUD lives in Mornington... 5 households!!!! hahaha. May move to Peel street if Im lucky! Gotta rent room out too I think. Well; That was lots of private info that is strictly not needed for my 3rd year logg..

But hey, I am only a human, and I definitely want to be one!
Edward helped me realise there are angels that tickle my hair some times.
I've gotten back in touch with them, and it feels like a Homecoming!
It feels wonderful to be convinced about their existence again, after being through the
Dark Night of the Soul for a very very long time. I do struggle to see the light, but now I KNOW
it is there. I do know, cos I have visions every now & then, hahaha, lucky me :) -and things happen to me , but truly; to get the planet Pluto out of my 1st house towards second, and from Sagittarius to Capricorn... G, this life's learning is never gonna end is it??? Well; at least I can say when I die; BEEN THERE, DONE THAT!
OK, I guess I am trying to talk myself into subjects that will be important to cover in school for you to understand my artistic aspirations - Like my fancies for transparency; it is a kind of symbol for the other worlds - the "invisible" worlds, -cos point is; it is there, it is just hard to see
And... I have a passion for all the elements; and I was considering installing a rainbow, but due to wet floors and water+electricity, I kind of dropped out of it. I'd love water and light to be a part of my things.... earth is there, obviously with the clay and sticks, and rocks and shells :)
Metal is not interesting unless it is rough, and look worn and weathered. I have no interest for plain glossy man made looking finishes. They boar me cos they seem dead and soul-less. Basically, I guess I am interested in SOUL

And that is what I find in those ancient pots.

(it took some time to figure out, but I got there :) )

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