Sunday, 19 October 2008

Good Old friend & neighbour :)

worth a look :)

same guys 11 years earlier :)

Oh, and The Lyres, ever heard of them? Wonderful Garage :)

haha, saw these guys too, 1992, - same concert as life .. These guy call themselves
Amongst The Primitives, or Blandt De Primitive. Not recommended tho... :) I loved them
when singing in norwegian, some of the authencity gets lost when they dont.
And the lyrics were awesome in norwegian. Har to match when in english as it is not
our national language.

Well; my little baby is a piece of music in herself, so I have not listened to anything but soothing boaring plain relaxing stuff since I got pregnant 2 + years ago.... so this is a bit of a revival!!!!

INSANLY GOOD, WELL RECOMMENDE!!! Riccochettes again, hate that spelling, whatever!


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